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Did you know that over 60% of an animal’s total body weight is muscle? It’s no wonder that animals with tight muscles experience discomfort which hinder their daily lives.cartoon of a dog on a massage table

Massage is more than just a nice rub down or petting. It is a non-invasive, holistic treatment that relaxes tight muscles by using different strokes, allowing oxygen and blood flow to return to problem areas in greater capacity. Once the stress on the muscle is relieved, the animal returns to a state of more complete soundness.

Massage and energy work are perfect complements to quality veterinary care. Consult a licensed veterinarian for emergencies and matters pertaining to the health and welfare of your animal.

Meet The Therapists

Made up of therapists Kathy Coyle and LeAnna Graves, Equicare® offers therapeutic massage to horses and dogs in western North Carolina. As well, both incorporate their intuitive communicative abilities to best help the animals. Long time animal lovers, they are dedicated to helping animals by using a harmonious blend of different therapies including massage, energy therapies (Reiki and Huna), acupressure, aromatherapy, flower essence remedies, and intuitive communication. Each session is tailored to suit the needs of each animal.

Kathy C-Animal Intuitive

Kathy Coyle
- Certified Animal Massage Therapist
- Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist (NC #1864)
at The Right Touch Therapeutic Massage Center
in Hickory, NC
- Certified CranioSacral Practitioner
- Reiki Master/Teacher
- Animal Intuitive


LeAnna Graves, Equicare Animal Massage Therapy
LeAnna Graves

- Certified Animal Massage Therapist
- Reiki Master/Teacher
- Huna Practitioner
- Animal Acupressure Practitioner
- Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Remedies
- Animal Intuitive
- Marketing/Graphic & Web Design Specialist




D-Marketing/Art Direction Specialistg

LeAnna with a horse

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